Early Medieval (to 1337)

Misfortune of Vision

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2018


In this 4th book in the Druid’s Brooch series, it’s 1177 A.D. in Ireland, it appears Norman invaders are on the ...Read Review

Templar Silks

By Elizabeth Chadwick - Published 2018


1219, England. William Marshal, England’s greatest knight, is on his deathbed. He has sent a trusted servant to fetch the precious Templar silks ...Read Review

Megge of Bury Down

By Rebecca Kightlinger - Published 2018


In Kightlinger’s debut novel, Megge is a girl of Bury Down, a small village in the medieval Cornish countryside. To an outside ...Read Review

Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin

By George Steger - Published 2016


Sebastian’s Way: The Paladin, book two of The Sebastian Chronicles, is the retelling of Charlemagne’s continued challenges as king, then emperor, ...Read Review

The Fickle Tides of Treason

By Jeremy Bennett - Published 2015


It is imminently apparent that Bennett has not only done his research but is also an admirer of his protagonist, Sir Andrew de ...Read Review

The Raven, the Lion and the White Dragon

By Roy Stedall-Humphryes - Published 2017



This is Book One of the Bellême series. Books Two and Three have already been published. In this fast-paced story filled with ...Read Review

The Apothecary’s Shop

By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - By Roberto Tiraboschi - Published 2017



In 1118 AD in Venice, amidst famine and fear, an innocent young woman from a noble family disappears. The household scribe, a tortured ex-monk, ...Read Review

Virtue: The Sons of Scotland, Book One

By Victoria Vane - Published 2017



This is a love story set in Scotland in the middle of the 12th century. Alexander, raised as a foundling at a monastery, ...Read Review

Conquest II: The Drowned Court

By Tracey Warr - Published 2017


This is the second volume of a trilogy based on the life of Nest ferch Rhys, the Welsh princess who was one of ...Read Review

A Hero Born: A Novel (Legends of the Condor Heroes)

By Anna Holmwood (trans.) - By Jin Yong - Published 2018Published 2019



China, 1200 AD. The Song Empire is being attacked by the northern Jurchen Jin tribes, which threaten its peace and existence. Meanwhile, Genghis Khan ...Read Review