Early Medieval (to 1337)

Silk and Song

By Dana Stabenow - Published 2017



The book begins in China in 1292. The main character, Wu Johanna, is a direct descendant of Marco Polo, the famous traveller from the ...Read Review

STAFF PUBLICATION: Shadow of the Dome: A Gripping Tale of Friendship, Duty and Destiny in the Court of Kublai Khan

By Karen Warren - Published 2017


“Because I’m fascinated by history and travel,” says author Karen Warren, “I started reading The Travels of Marco Polo. I came across ...Read Review

Queens of the Conquest, 1066-1167

By Alison Weir - Published 2017



Alison Weir charts the lives of Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror; Matilda of Scotland, wife of Henry I; Adeliza of ...Read Review

The Rufus Spy: A Medieval Mystical Mystery

By Alys Clare - Published 2018



This is the eighth book in Alys Clare’s Aelf Fen series, set in East Anglia in the reign of King William II, ...Read Review

The Swan’s Road

By Garth Pettersen - Published 2017


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Harald, son of Cnute, King of England, Denmark and Norway, sails for Rome. With him are his father, his father’s housecarls, and ...Read Review

Fatal Rivalry

By Mercedes Rochelle - Published 2017


Biographical FictionMilitary

It is refreshing to read a description of the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings that does not depict Harold Godwinson ...Read Review

The Warrior Princess

By K. M. Ashman - Published 2017



The Warrior Princess opens in December 1135, when Wales is relatively calm under the rule of the conquering Normans. Pockets of Welsh resistance do ...Read Review

The Scarlet Forest

By A.E. Chandler - Published 2017



The legend of Robin Hood, begun in the oral tradition during the medieval period, is retold here with a blending of history and ...Read Review

Daughter of the Wolf

By Victoria Whitworth - Published 2016


This powerful novel is set in the Humber estuary of northeastern England in the mid-9th century. Radmer, lord of Donmouth, is sent ...Read Review

An Argument of Blood

By J.A. Ironside - By Matthew Willis - Published 2017


Set in the earlier years of William the Conqueror’s rule over Normandy, An Argument of Blood opens with him as a young, ...Read Review