Colonial America

Gun Ball Hill

By Ellen Cooney - Published 2004



In 1774 coastal Maine, after the beloved Mowlan family is massacred by Tories disguised as Indians, family and friends gather to mourn. Their isolated ...Read Review

Almost Home

By Wendy Lawton - Published 2003


Biographical FictionChildren/Young AdultInspirational

Part of the publisher’s Daughters of the Faith series, Almost Home is the story of 13-year-old Mary Chilton, one of the 102 souls ...Read Review

The Fifth of March: A Story of the Boston Massacre

By Ann Rinaldi - Published 2004


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

The Fifth of March is essentially a pre-Revolutionary War tale about the value of forming our own choices and the uncertainty that accompanies ...Read Review


By Beverly Swerling - Published 2004



This is an ambitious epic of the tumultuous 1750s, when Englishmen battled the French for ultimate control of North America. Quentin Hale, younger ...Read Review

Sparrowhawk Book lll: Caxton

By Edward Cline - Published 2004



Book I of this series introduced Jack Frake, a poor runaway who fell in with smugglers and was eventually shipped off to the ...Read Review

The Wampum Keeper

By Pat Montague - Published 2002


This novel of the war-ravaged People of the Deer takes place in western New York State and Ontario, mid 17th century. While exploring ...Read Review

The Elk-Dog Heritage

By Don Coldsmith - Published 2002



      The third novel written by Coldsmith in his Spanish Bit Saga narrates an episode of the Elk-Dog People of the American Great Plains ...Read Review

Too Soon For Flowers

By Margaret Miles - Published 1999



You’re probably like me and when a new author starts a new series with a new character, you miss the first two ...Read Review

Feathered Serpent

By Colin Falconer - Published 2002


Biographical Fiction

The adventurer Hernan Cortés arrives on the coast of Mexico with a handful of men, armor, horses and guns. He proceeds to ...Read Review

The Wished-For Country

By Wayne Karlin - Published 2002



In the mid-17th century, the face of the American continent began to change. European settlements headed by men of varying convictions and ...Read Review