HNR Issue 30 (November 2004)

Beneath A Marble Sky

By John Shors - Published 2004



Set in the 17th century, this novel opens with the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan’s daugher, Jahanara, telling her granddaughters the story of ...Read Review

Once Upon a Different Time

By Marian Coe (illustrations by Paul Zipperlin) - Published 2004



In 1884, two men set out on horseback to travel from Virginia to North Carolina. One of these men, essayist and travel writer Charles ...Read Review

The Christkindl’s Gift

By Kathleen Morgan - Published 2004



Anna Hannack, a widowed mother of two children, is confronted with the task of caring for a wounded stranger rescued from certain death ...Read Review


By James Dalessandro - Published 2004



Most Americans have heard of the Great San Francisco Earthquake. Some may even be able to pull the date out of the cobwebs ...Read Review

Grab Bag

By Derek McCormack - Published 2004


Short Stories

Grab Bag is two collections of interconnected stories, or perhaps vignettes would be a more accurate term. McCormack’s impressionistic style makes it ...Read Review

The In-Between World of Vikram Lall

By M.G. Vassanji - Published 2004



Vic (Vikram) and his sister Deepa are eight years old when the story begins. They are displaced Indians living in Kenya at the ...Read Review

The Lost German Slave Girl

By John Bailey - Published 2005



Salomé Müller claimed to have no memory of how she ended up as a slave in 1840s New Orleans. Was she a ...Read Review

Ransom’s Mark: A Story Based on the Life of the Pioneer Olive Oatman

By Wendy Lawton - Published 2003


Children/Young AdultInspirational

This moving story recounts the captivity narrative of Olive Oatman, a thirteen-year-old pioneer who struck out with her family to reach California in ...Read Review

The Virtues of War

By Steven Pressfield - Published 2004


Biographical FictionMilitary

“I have always been a soldier” are the first words we hear from Alexander the Great in this new biographical novel. Driven by ...Read Review

Gun Ball Hill

By Ellen Cooney - Published 2004



In 1774 coastal Maine, after the beloved Mowlan family is massacred by Tories disguised as Indians, family and friends gather to mourn. Their isolated ...Read Review