He Who Lifts the Skies

Written by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow
Review by Bethany Skaggs

The Great Flood is over, and the world is rapidly rebuilding itself. Keren and her sister Sharah, great-great-granddaughters of the ark-building patriarch Noakh, grow up in an idyllic setting, surrounded by a loving family who is devoted to worshipping the Most High. But unrest is stirring. One tyrannical man has challenged and ridiculed the Most High, making himself king of a great city, terrifying and conquering the other tribes. His arrogance is readily apparent in the name he gives himself: He-Who-Lifts-the-Skies. Keren is dedicated to the Most High, but Sharah, in her avarice, abandons her husband and infant to become the wife of the vicious tyrant. Keren is not so easily enticed, and she must struggle with all her strength, even risking death, to defy the great king.

Barnett-Gramckow has crafted a well-written and engrossing story that will greatly appeal to readers of biblical fiction. She has continued the theme she introduced in the prequel to this novel, The Heavens Before, of a woman alone, struggling against all odds with only her faith to sustain her. Keren is a character that inspires admiration and respect, although other characters, Sharah in particular, can be a tad bit overblown at times. Nevertheless, this is an interesting and absorbing take on biblical history with a portentous ending that will make the reader anticipate the third and final installment in this trilogy.