A Memory Of Love

Written by Bertrice Small
Review by Cindy Vallar

Born out of wedlock, Rhonwyn is raised as a boy by her Welsh father’s warriors. Not until her impending marriage to an English prince does she learn to be a lady under the tutelage of her aunt, a prioress, and the other nuns at the abbey. Edward de Beaulieu is both captivated and dismayed by his bride. Rhonwyn is beautiful, but she is also freespirited. With Prince Edward of England, they embark on a crusade to the Holy Land. Captured by the infidels, she becomes the captive of the Emir of Cinnebar, who teaches her about passion. She eventually escapes the harem and returns to England – where the battle for her heart and her freedom pit her against enemies she doesn’t even know exist.

An absorbing medieval tale, this romance will have readers turning the pages until they discover the identity of Rhonwyn’s true love and how she rescues herself from the predicaments that threaten to destroy her.