A Proper Match

Written by Sherry-Anne Jacobs
Review by Trudi Jacobson

The Dowager Lady Graceover feels that the end might be near, and is determined to see her orphaned granddaughter Eleanor and her dependent niece Beatrice, both of whom live with her, married before she dies. Being unable to face the rigors of a London season herself, she sends the reserved Beatrice to London to find a suitor of the proper pedigree for Eleanor. Her hope is that Beatrice will find a match at the same time. Beatrice, who would far rather be in the country than in London, is unenthusiastic about the social whirl she has found herself in…until she meets the highly eligible and infuriating Justin Searle. Might this be the man for Eleanor?

Eleanor, left behind with her grandmother, finds an interesting prospect of her own. In the meantime, Lady Graceover has been up to her own machinations, and finds a potential suitor for Beatrice. Soon the Dowager, Eleanor, Beatrice, and all three men are gathered at the country seat. Almost anything can, and does, happen with this volatile mix. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (previously published as Persons of Rank)—the main characters were intelligent and perceptive, and the plot wasn’t overrun by inane misunderstandings.