9th Century

Bodo the Apostate

By Donald Michael Platt - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

The apostasy alluded to in the title of Donald Michael Platt’s excellent new book Bodo the Apostate occurred, if contemporary accounts can ...Read Review

To Be a Queen

By Annie Whitehead - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Everyone has heard of Alfred the Great; not everyone knows of his daughter, Æthelflæd, ‘Lady of the Mercians’. This is a shame ...Read Review

Cnut: Rise of a Viking Warrior

By Kyle Miller - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

“My name is Cnut, son of Astrid,” says the narrator of Kyle Miller’s novel Cnut: Rise of a Viking Warrior, “Some people ...Read Review

The Circle of Ceridwen (Circle of Ceridwen Saga, Book One)

By Octavia Randolph - Published 2014



Randolph’s epic four-part Viking-era saga takes place in a ninth-century world caught in the grinding gears of multiple religions – the old Saxon ...Read Review

The Polaris Whisperer

By Kenneth Gregory - Published 2013



This story begins in the year 830 AD, turns back to 801 AD (and drops by 831 AD, 835 AD, 800 AD, 836 AD, 837 AD, 802 AD, and 838 AD) then ...Read Review

To Sin With a Viking

By Michelle Willingham - Published 2013



Caragh Ó Brannon is starving. On the rain-swept western Irish coast, the grasses are yellow and dry, and the inhabitants are apparently clueless about ...Read Review

The Wayward Moon

By Janice Weizman - Published 2012



In 894 AD in Buqei’a, a Jewish village in a remote corner of Galilee, the children of “a humble woman,” Rahel Yar, discover ...Read Review

The Khalifah’s Mirror

By Andrew Killeen - Published 2012



This is a sequel to The Father of Locks (HNR 48 , p. 24). Abu Nuwas the poet, also known as Father of Locks for the ...Read Review

The Settlers of Catan

By Lee Chadeayne (trans.) - By Rebecca Gable - Published 2011



The people of Elasund love their homeland, but life is a struggle. Long winters make for a short growing season, and frequent raids ...Read Review

Sigrun’s Secret

By Marie-Louise Jensen - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

Sigrun’s Secret is a good read, particularly suitable for 12+ girls. Set in the Viking era, it focuses closely on the life of ...Read Review