20th Century

As the Sun Breaks Through (The Cliffehaven Series)

By Ellie Dean - Published 2018



This novel is the 15th in the World War Two saga set in Cliffehaven, a small town on the south coast of England. ...Read Review

The Poisoned Chalice Murder (Black and Dod Mystery)

By Diane Janes - Published 2018



It’s 1929, and Fran Black and Tom Dod are asked by Tom’s Aunt Hetty to investigate three suspicious deaths in the sleepy ...Read Review

Ambulance Girls Under Fire (Ambulance Girls 2)

By Deborah Burrows - Published 2018


This novel tells the tale of Celia Ashwin, an ambulance driver who has worked throughout the Blitz. Based in 1940, her past life of ...Read Review

Courtney’s War

By Wilbur Smith - Published 2018



It’s springtime in 1939 Paris, and the model-like Saffron and athletic Gerhard are strolling arm-in-arm through the Tuileries Gardens. Both are rich and ...Read Review

The Silver Gun (Art Deco Mystery)

By L.A. Chandlar - Published 2017



In 1936, Lane Sanders is the new personal aide to the larger-than-life 99th mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia. When she is suddenly ...Read Review


By Matthew Turner - Published 2018


In Sweden, Matthew Turner reveals a different side of the Vietnam War, specifically the fate of deserters in Japan. In 1968, the Vietnam War ...Read Review

The Evacuee Summer: Heart-Warming Historical Fiction, Perfect for Summer Reading

By Katie King - Published 2018


In 1940 many children were sent away from London to escape the German bombing, and Katie King’s Evacuee series reflects this. This book ...Read Review

In Your Hands

By Inês Pedrosa (trans. Andrea Rosenberg) - Published 2018



Three generations of Portuguese women narrate their stories, beginning in 1935 during Salazar’s authoritarian regime. Jenny, the grandmother, writes in her journals of ...Read Review

Armistice (Amberlough Dossier)

By Lara Elena Donnelly - Published 2018


Alternate History

Cabaret meets The Alice Network in this espionage trilogy imagining an alternate pre-WWII Europe. The first novel, Amberlough (HNR 80), featured two charismatic protagonists: ...Read Review

Dressing the Dearloves

By Kelly Doust - Published 2018



Dressing the Dearloves is Australian writer, Kelly Doust’s second novel. Author of a number of craft books on vintage clothing and a ...Read Review