20th Century

Call Your Daughter Home

By Deb Spera - Published 2019


Spera’s debut novel brims with grim authenticity as she recounts the unexpected bond between three women in the small town of Branchville, ...Read Review

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

By Robert Hillman - Published 2019


Tom Hope has few connections in his life; he’s known in his rural Australian town for his skills in fixing machines and ...Read Review

The Golden Tresses of the Dead: A Flavia de Luce Novel

By Alan Bradley - Published 2019



This is the latest entry in Alan Bradley’s popular mystery series set in rural England in the 1950s, featuring twelve-year-old chemistry expert ...Read Review

This Tender Land

By William Kent Krueger - Published 2019



Love is what makes a tender land — people and nature, not perfect, but full of what binds us all together. This is the ...Read Review


By Nicola Harrison - Published 2019


Set in the summer of 1938, Montauk recalls the days when well-to-do New Yorkers left the city’s heat and summered on Long Island ...Read Review

Rocket Man: The Mercury Adventure of John Glenn

By Ruth Ashby - Published 2019


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

In 1961, the Soviet Union was winning the Space Race; having sent a man into orbit before the US had even sent a man ...Read Review

The Long Flight Home

By A.L. Hlad - By Alan Hlad - Published 2019


In September 1940, England’s war with Germany is a year old. France has surrendered, British soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk in June, and in ...Read Review

Murder Knocks Twice (Speakeasy Mysteries)

By Susanna Calkins - Published 2019



January 1929. While the Chicago winter rages outside, the atmosphere heats up at the Third Door, the speakeasy where Gina Ricci, heroine of this ...Read Review

Little Zinnobers

By Carol Ermakova (trans.) - By Elena Chizhova - Published 2019



Little Zinnobers is not an easy read and presents many challenges, especially to an English-speaking readership. Even the title is problematic, coming from ...Read Review

The Blameless Dead

By Gary Haynes - Published 2019



Described by the publisher as an “epic edge of the seat drama”, The Blameless Dead confirms that claim. The open hostilities of the ...Read Review