20th Century

The Secrets of the Tea Garden (The India Tea Book 4)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1899, on a tea garden estate in Assam, India, a junior officer, James, is summoned by the burra-sahib, Logan, and ordered to handle ...Read Review

The Red Address Book

By Sofia Lundberg - Published 2019


Doris, now 96 years old and living alone in her Stockholm apartment, treasures the red address book given to her by her father in 1928. ...Read Review

The Secrets of Paper and Ink

By Lindsay Harrel - Published 2019



American Sophia Barrett, a domestic violence counselor, discovers returning to work is too painful even after a year has passed since her fiancé’...Read Review

My MacArthur

By Cindy Fazzi - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Douglas MacArthur and Isabel Rosario Cooper meet in 1930 in Manila, the Philippines. He’s a successful army leader and she’s an aspiring ...Read Review

Blitzing Rommel

By John Sadler (author) - Published 2018


Treatments of the subject of war vary hugely, ranging from the lyrical to the highly technical and historically meticulous, of which Blitzing Rommel ...Read Review

The Paragon Hotel

By Lyndsay Faye - Published 2019


It’s 1921 during Prohibition, and “Nobody” Alice James is trying to get as far as possible from her previous life as a gun ...Read Review

The Betel Nut Tree Mystery (Crown Colony)

By Ovidia Yu - Published 2018



Chen Su Lin is a secretarial assistant to Chief Inspector LeFroy in this 1930s murder mystery set in Singapore. She is drawn into ...Read Review

Radio Underground

By Alison Littman - Published 2018


Based on actual Cold War letters, Littman’s fast-moving debut is infused with a simmering tension reflecting its setting: Budapest, Hungary, on the ...Read Review

Tony’s Wife

By Adriana Trigiani - Published 2018


Whether she will be ‘Tony’s wife,’ or her own, independent woman, is a decision Italian-American Chiara Donatelli has to make when she ...Read Review

An Ocean Between Us

By Rachel Quinn - Published 2018


A first effort at historical fiction by an established literary author, An Ocean Between Us begins as a flashback from present-day New York ...Read Review