20th Century

The Fountains of Silence

By Ruta Sepetys - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Spain’s brutal Civil War between Republican democracy and Francisco Franco’s fascist dictatorship lasted from 1936-1939 and was a precursor to World ...Read Review

The Girls of Pearl Harbor

By Soraya M. Lane - Published 2019



In 1942, the world was coming undone, thrown asunder by the mounting tensions of World War II. Soraya Lane pulls from this era a ...Read Review

Shrug: A Novel

By Lisa Braver Moss - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Martha Goldenthal lives in Berkeley, California, in the 1960s. She’s got a nervous twitch—a shrug—symptomatic of her low self-opinion. The ...Read Review

The Xanthe Schneider Enigma Files

By David Boyle - Published 2019



In this twisty World War 2 espionage thriller, we follow the missions of Xanthe Schneider, a young American crossword champion from Cincinnati, who happens ...Read Review

A Brain. A Heart. The Nerve

By Ann S Epstein - Published 2018



People look down on Meinhardt Raabe, literally and figuratively, every day. After realizing he was a little person, his parents abandoned him. Fortunately, ...Read Review

The Bishop’s Bedroom

By Piero Chiara - Published 2019



Chiara’s suspenseful novel opens with a wealthy and unnamed narrator stepping of his sailboat in 1946 Italy and meeting Temistocle Mario Orimbelli. From ...Read Review

Lady Takes the Case (Manor Cat Mystery)

By Eliza Casey - Published 2019



If the idea of solving mysteries while living on a sprawling Elizabethan estate with secret passages sounds appealing, this may be the book ...Read Review

Seventh Flag

By Sid Balman Jr. - Published 2019


Four generations of two families from a small Texas town interact across time, beginning in 1948 and continuing to the 2000s, as well as ...Read Review

The Titanic Secret (An Isaac Bell Adventure)

By Clive Cussler - By Jack Du Brul - Published 2019



Though this Cussler story begins with Dirk Pitt—of the National Underwater and Marine Agency—in the present, this is really an Isaac ...Read Review

Moon Water

By Pam Webber - Published 2019



This is a lovely coming-of-age story set in central Virginia during the summer of 1969.  Nettie, age 16, and Win are best friends.  They spend ...Read Review