18th Century

The King’s Beast: A Mystery of the American Revolution (Bone Rattler)

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2020



The latest installment in Eliot Pattison’s Bone Rattler series, The King’s Beast follows Duncan McCallum, a veteran of the Battle of ...Read Review

Slick Filth: A Story of Robert Walpole and Henry Giffard, to Which is Appended the Farce of The Golden Rump

By Erato - Published 2020



The impetus for the 1737 Licensing Act that severely censored the London stage was The Golden Rump, a play said to be so outrageously ...Read Review

The Summer Fields

By LP Fergusson - Published 2020



Fergusson’s unique historical romance reads like many novels in one: it patches together a creepy gothic story, horror fiction, and entertaining historical ...Read Review

The Littlest Voyageur

By Cheryl Pilgrim (illus.) - By Margi Preus - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Jean Pierre Petite Le Rouge has a big name for such a little fellow. He’s a red squirrel raised in the watery ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Sun

By EM Castellan - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

The court of Louis XIV, King of France, is filled with magic, as expected from the young king who is a magicien. Henriette ...Read Review

The Age of Witches

By Louisa Morgan - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1692 Massachusetts, Bridget Byshop is hanged as a witch and leaves two daughters who pass very different magical traditions to their descendants in ...Read Review

The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home: A Welcome to Night Vale Novel

By Jeffrey Cranor - By Joseph Fink - Published 2020


Historical FantasyThriller

This multi-genre novel opens in Night Vale, a fictional town in the American Southwest where ghosts, angels, and specters dwell. In 2011 an old ...Read Review

Dangerous Freedom

By Lawrence Scott - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This isn’t a typical novel about slavery. It is a fictional portrayal of a real figure, Dido, the daughter of an African ...Read Review

First Comes Scandal: A Bridgerton Prequel

By Julia - By Quinn - Published 2020



1791. Summoned home urgently from medical school in Edinburgh, Nicholas Rokesby is grateful it is not for a death in the family. He is ...Read Review

Murder in Venice

By Lucinda Byatt (trans.) - By Maria Luisa Minarelli - Published 2019



Venice, 1752. When the body of an impoverished nobleman is discovered, Avogadore Marco Pisani is asked to investigate. He’s helped by his friend ...Read Review