18th Century

Buccaneer (The Molucca Star Quartet)

By Chris Thorndycroft - Published 2023



Set during the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean, Buccaneer is Book 1 in the series, The Molucca Star Quartet, and follows the ...Read Review

The Armour of Light (UK) / The Armor of Light (US) (The Kingsbridge Novels, 5)

By Ken Follett - Published 2023



New technology threatens workers’ jobs, war causes shocking food price inflation, hungry children depend on a free school meal. Welcome to 1792 in Kingsbridge, ...Read Review

Sugar, Slaves and High Society: The Grants of Kilgraston 1750-1860

By Richard Blake - Published 2023



Francis (1746-1818) Grant – ancestor of the author – and his brother John (1740-1793) left Scotland for Nova Scotia and Jamaica. They made a fortune ...Read Review

The Bottle Conjuror

By Jack Gagliardo - By John Kachuba - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In the first historical fantasy novel of The Bottle Conjuror series, authors John Kachuba and Jack Gagliardo try to portray a cross-section of ...Read Review

Prisoner of Wallabout Bay

By Jane Hulse - Published 2023



In Loyalist New York City in 1776, seventeen-year-old Sarah Barrett lives with her mother and brother and dreams of being a novelist, or at ...Read Review

Oatlands: Through Closed Doors

By Jill Rutherford - Published 2023


In her new upstairs-downstairs drama, George III’s illness, the Regency debate, and the French Revolution are the backdrop to a story based ...Read Review

The Future Future

By Adam Thirlwell - Published 2023



It is quite a challenge to succinctly summarise a novel that does not have much of a plot. Literary? Yes, Clever? well, that’...Read Review

Kings Mountain

By Seamus Beirne - Published 2023



The year is 1779. Colonial South Carolina is in the grip of the American Revolution when two men—fellow escapees from a penal colony ...Read Review

Death of a Lady (Jane Austen Investigations)

By Laura Martin - Published 2023



Miss Jane Austen is the unmarried daughter of a respectable clergyman, not yet the famous author she will come to be in the ...Read Review

The Glutton

By A. K. BLAKEMORE - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

France, 1798: A patient presents himself at a public hospital in a wretched, moribund condition, claiming to have swallowed a golden fork that tears ...Read Review