William Martin

December ’41

By William Martin - Published 2022



In the sunny wonderland of Hollywood, a German assassin begins a thousand-mile-long journey to take out America before it can enter the war ...Read Review

The Lincoln Letter

By William Martin - Published 2012


I never miss the chance to read a Peter Fallon/Evangeline Carrington novel because Martin has the uncanny ability to seamlessly interweave a ...Read Review

City of Dreams

By William Martin - Published 2010



Boston book dealer and treasure hunter, Peter Fallon, makes a reappearance in this, the most recent of Martin’s suspense novels that incorporate ...Read Review

Harvard Yard

By William Martin - Published 2003Published 2004



If you love a story that revolves around a book, a little mystery, and historical elements, you’ll love Harvard Yard! After two ...Read Review

Citizen Washington

By William Martin - Published (c1999)Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

At 675 pages, this is a whale of a novel, but even if you aren’t already intrigued by this period, or particularly moved ...Read Review