The Cairo Code

By Glenn Meade - Published (c1999)Published 2016



The Cairo Code was a bestseller when originally published as The Sands of Sakkara. A corpse found floating in the modern Nile causes ...Read Review

Preacher’s Boy

By Katherine Paterson - Published (c1999)Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Turn-of-the-20th-century Vermont is the setting for master storyteller Paterson’s (Bridge to Terabithia, Jacob Have I Loved) coming-of-age and father-and-son story, first ...Read Review

Castro’s Curveball

By Tim Wendel - Published (c1999)Published 2006



In 1947, career minor leaguer Billy Bryan is in Cuba playing winter ball, chasing a dream of making it to the majors that is ...Read Review

The Poyson Garden

By Karen Harper - Published (c1999)Published 2000


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

“Down wi’ the Boleyns, e’en the royal one!” is the cry of a group dedicated to the destruction of the Boleyn family, ...Read Review

Citizen Washington

By William Martin - Published (c1999)Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

At 675 pages, this is a whale of a novel, but even if you aren’t already intrigued by this period, or particularly moved ...Read Review

White Rose (Una Rosa Blanca)

By Amy Ephron - Published (c1999)Published 2000


AdventureBiographical FictionInspirational

Evangelina Cisneros is a political prisoner in a women’s prison in Havana in 1897 when Charles Duval arrives ostensibly to interview her for ...Read Review

Perlman’s Ordeal

By Brooks Hansen - Published (c1999)Published 2000Published 2000-10-01


Alternate HistoryFantasy

Set in London during one September week in 1906, Brooks Hansen’s third novel charts the struggle of hypnotist Dr. August Perlman’s battle ...Read Review