Susan Vreeland

Lisette’s List

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2014


Lisette’s List is a sojourn—a long stay—in the south of France, in the small village of Roussillon, and as such, ...Read Review

Clara and Mr. Tiffany

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2011



This book was inspired by the recent revelation that employee Clara Driscoll was responsible for the design and creation of many of the ...Read Review

Luncheon of the Boating Party

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2007


Biographical FictionLiterary

Paris, 1880. Pierre-Auguste Renoir is thirty-nine, his enchantment with the revolutionary Impressionist style is fading, and the movement threatens to splinter. Renoir paints society ...Read Review

Life Studies: Stories

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2004


Short Stories

In Paris of 1876, a young father reluctantly accompanies his wife and four-year-old daughter, Mimi, to his sister’s garden party in Montmartre. Reluctantly, ...Read Review

The Forest Lover

By Susan Vreeland - Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

Based on the life of Emily Carr, The Forest Lover is a magnificent account of one woman’s determination to carry out her ...Read Review