Mara Faye Lethem (trans.)

The Last Son’s Secret

By Mara Faye Lethem (trans.) - By Rafael Nadal Farreras - Published 2017



This is an international bestseller first published in 2015 and the first of the author’s works to be translated into English, in this ...Read Review

The Whispering City

By Mara Faye Lethem (trans.) - By Sara Moliner - Published 2015



Barcelona in 1952. When glamorous widow, Mariona Sobrerroca, is found murdered in her mansion, Inspector Isidro Castro is assigned to the investigation. Young newspaper ...Read Review

The Barefoot Queen

By Ildefonso Falcones - By Mara Faye Lethem (trans.) - Published 2014


The Barefoot Queen brings to life a little-told story: the saga of the Spanish gypsies in 18th-century Bourbon Spain, their culture, and their ...Read Review

The Ring: The Last Knight Templar’s Inheritance

By Jorge Molist - By Mara Faye Lethem (trans.) - Published 2008



For her twenty-seventh birthday, New York lawyer Cristina Wilson receives a surprise gift from her late godfather, a ruby ring that sparks disturbing ...Read Review