Louis Bayard

Jackie & Me

By Louis Bayard - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

The eventful life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis has inspired many fictional retellings; Bayard has made the curious choice to imagine the courtship ...Read Review

Courting Mr. Lincoln: A Novel

By Louis Bayard - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Two visitors arrive in Springfield, Illinois, in 1839: an aristocratic Kentucky belle with politics in her lineage, and a backwoods lawyer, Kentuckian by birth, ...Read Review

Roosevelt’s Beast

By Louis Bayard - Published 2014



1914. Teddy Roosevelt is a Bull Moose without a cause. Defeated for re-election, he redirects his boundless energy into an expedition to chart the ...Read Review

The School of Night

By Louis Bayard - Published 2011



Discredited Elizabethan scholar Henry Cavendish is tasked by a ruthless antiquities collector to recover a missing letter which was stolen by Henry’s ...Read Review

The Black Tower

By Louis Bayard - Published 2008



In 1818, a street beggar follows Hector Carpentier to his home in the Latin Quarter, only to transform himself into Vidocq, Paris’s master ...Read Review

The Pale Blue Eye

By Louis Bayard - Published 2006



‘April 19, 1831. In two or three hours… I’ll be dead.’ What an opening! Gus Landor is a New York City police constable living ...Read Review