Judith Kinghorn

The Echo of Twilight

By Judith Kinghorn - Published 2017


Shortly before WWI, a working-class Englishwoman accepts a position as personal maid to a titled lady. The two become friends but, like the ...Read Review

The Snow Globe

By Judith Kinghorn - Published 2015



The Snow Globe is the story of the Forbes family as they make their way through England following the Great War. The Forbes ...Read Review

The Memory of Lost Senses

By Judith Kinghorn - Published 2013Published 2014


Judith Kinghorn’s latest release, The Memory of Lost Senses, is an evocative tale about the power of memory. The year is 1911, and ...Read Review

The Year After | The Last Summer

By Judith Kinghorn - By Martin Davies - Published 2011Published 2012


Occasionally the accidents of publishing bring out two books in the same season which neatly complement each other. The Last Summer and The ...Read Review