John D. Cressler

Fortune’s Lament (Anthems of al-Andalus) (Volume 3)

By John D. Cressler - Published 2018


Set during the twilight days of Muslim Spain, this tale begins in 1488 CE; I’m immediately concerned that no nod is given to ...Read Review

Shadows in the Shining City

By John D. Cressler - Published 2014


Enter again the world of Muslim Cordoba in the 10th century, depicted by this talented author in this fictional prequel to Emeralds of ...Read Review

Emeralds of the Alhambra

By John D. Cressler - Published 2013



In the 1360s, Grenada is the last surviving stronghold of Muslim rule in Spain. Between 1367 and 1369 the Castilian Civil War is being fought ...Read Review