Barbara Wood

The Far River

By Barbara Wood - Published 2018


Workmen repairing earthquake damage to the outer wall of the Schaller winery in Largo Valley, California, expose a gaping hole in the solid ...Read Review

Land of the Afternoon Sun

By Barbara Wood - Published 2016



During Prohibition, an ambitious lord arrives from England with his bride, and they establish themselves in the largest home in the rural California ...Read Review

Rainbows on the Moon

By Barbara Wood - Published 2014



The enticing setting for Barbara Wood’s latest entertaining epic, the tropical splendor of old Hawaii, is a strong selling point. Her heroines’ ...Read Review

The Serpent and the Staff

By Barbara Wood - Published 2013


It is 1450 B.C.E. in Ugarit, Syria, and past time for Leah to be betrothed. Born into a family with royal blood, ...Read Review

The Divining

By Barbara Wood - Published 2012


Barbara Wood’s newest historical, about a woman’s spiritual journey through the 1st-century Roman world, is a mixed effort. The segmented approach ...Read Review

Daughter of the Sun

By Barbara Wood - Published 2007



In pre-Columbian New Mexico, Hoshi’tiwa, a 17-year-old young woman, is a gifted potter of rain jars. The daughter of a corn-grower, she ...Read Review

The Blessing Stone

By Barbara Wood - Published 2003



The web site for this novel ( contains a note from its editor, perplexed that Wood, a bestselling author in Europe, ...Read Review

Sacred Ground

By Barbara Wood - Published 2001



Dr. Erica Tyler, an anthropologist in modern-day Los Angeles, comes across an intriguing situation. An earthquake has revealed a hidden cave containing the ...Read Review