Kabbalah of Stone


Kabbalah of Stone primarily takes place in 1491 in Girona, Spain, and follows the story of Domingo Fontclara, a scribe with a secret Jewish heritage who must also hide his homosexuality from the Church and the Inquisition. As he begins to study Judaism, he and the rabbi helping him are caught up in some of the more occult aspects of Jewish tradition as they are visited by the spirit of Huldah, a biblical prophet who needs their help in preserving and spreading her vision of a theology which unites both male and female traditions. But their explorations into Jewish mysticism may be brought short by the physical torture and exile ordered by the Inquisition.

This book is a realistic portrayal of the plight of both Jews and conversos (Jews forced to convert to Christianity) in medieval Spain. At the same time, Reti delves into Jewish theology, exploring female traditions of healing and interpreting dreams which were excluded from the official canon. Interweaving scenes from 7th century BCE in Jerusalem with 15th-century Spain and glimpses of possible futures, Reti creates a compelling and suspenseful narrative full of both historical detail and thoughtful commentary on Jewish lore and heritage.

Kabbalah of Stone celebrates the power of the written word while also exploring traditions handed down from one generation to the next that survive without the aid of the pen. This absorbing narrative would appeal to anyone interested in medieval Judaism or medieval Spain in general.

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