Heaven Made

Written by SaraLynn Hoyt
Review by Arleigh Johnson

After the death of her husband, Sabrina Tremaine flees from her lascivious brother-in-law, taking a position through a Ladies’ Employment Agency. The work is familiar enough, having managed her own household for years; however she must keep her daughter out of sight from her new employer, Ford Northcliffe – at least until she makes herself indispensable.

When Ford begins thinking the child darting through the halls is his deceased little sister’s ghost, his resolute scientific ideals are questioned, and further tested when he attends a séance and his mother attempts to contact him to cancel her deathbed wish. Meanwhile Sabrina is concerned for her daughter, who insists she is speaking with her father, and other spirits. Her sudden illness brings Sabrina and Ford together, who find they have more in common than mutual desire. Misunderstandings and unfortunate events ensue, but with the help of the spirits, fortune tellers and friends, there is promise of a happily ever after.

There are bedroom scenes, so those adverse to detail in that respect may want to skip over parts. Though the Edwardian setting is topically well-detailed, the storyline has an unrealistic paranormal theme. Overall, recommended only for romance enthusiasts who enjoy a supernatural mix.