Yours Truly, Thomas

Written by Rachel Fordham
Review by Alice Cochran

Although young, Penny has faced many trials in her life. Working at the dead letter office in Washington, DC in 1883, she not only finds a paycheck to support herself and her mother, but companionship in the authors of the letters that cross her desk. Thomas is nursing wanderlust, heartbreak, and a guilty conscience when he pens the letter that will capture Penny’s heart. Although it’s written to a woman named Clara, Penny is consumed by the guilt-laden and soulful language within the letter. Penny wonders how a love could be so true, and longs for such a love in her life. This will propel her into the adventure of a lifetime in Azure Springs, Iowa, to find Thomas and deliver his letters to him.

Fordham writes in a point-blank manner, to the point that no shred of information is left for readers to infer. While this may altogether remove the suspense in some sections, the love story alone is enough for the book. The romance between Thomas and Penny can never be doubted as truly genuine.