White Rose


This is the third entry in the time travel series featuring Robyn Stafford, Miss Rodeo Montana in the present day, but Lady Robyn of Pontefract in 15th century England. The book begins with Robyn struggling to return to medieval England, and to Edward Plantagenet in particular. She manages to do so, but this time is accompanied by her Los Angeles assistant, Heidi, an engaging and endearing travel companion. Her adventures in the past aren’t quite as terrifying as in the previous volumes, though she still contends with would-be rapists, a sadistic executioner, and the scheming Wydville family. Witchcraft plays a major role in the book, explaining such things as the time travel, being able to travel in spirit, and her enemies’ knowledge of her whereabouts at critical times. But the historical aspects are also strong: we are with Robyn at the battles of Mortimer’s Cross and Saint Albans, we learn about the convoluted politics of the time and meet Queen Margaret and Owen Tudor, and revisit Mad King Henry. We also get a sense of the living conditions of the time (once we discount the disposable lighters, trail mix, and mania for bathing that Robyn introduces).

This book refers frequently to Robyn’s experiences on previous visits to Edward and his time from the previous two volumes. While this book can be read on its own, the experience will be enhanced by reading Knight Errant and Lady Robyn first. Those two novels engaged me more than did this installment, but I was happy to spend time finding out how Robyn and Edward are getting along. Since they weren’t able to marry as planned (a battle intervened), I believe another adventure will be forthcoming.



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