Whisper on the Wind: The Great War Series No.2

Written by Maureen Lang
Review by Jeanne Greene

Lang’s second novel set during the 1914-18 war (after Look to the East, 2009) provides inspirational romance and adventure. When the Germans invade Belgium in 1914, Isa Lassone gets out safely, but she cannot forget those left behind. She raises the money and goes back to rescue Edward, the man she loves, and his mother, Genny – but nothing turns out as she expects.

Edward, who is involved in an underground newspaper, refuses to leave, so Genny and Isa stay on. Life in German-occupied Brussels is grim and, for anyone who challenges German authority, perilous. Edward has lost his faith in God and he denies his feelings for Isa, but she helps him with the newspaper. Then Genny falls in love with a German officer, which inadvertently leads to Isa’s discovery. Found guilty of treason, sentenced to death, Isa turns to God for strength.

In spite of simmering romance and eminent danger, the plot moves slowly until the last chapters. Readers of inspirational fiction will find examples of courage, morality, and faith throughout, however, and a satisfactory ending.