Where Shadows Dance

Written by C.S. Harris
Review by Alice Logsdon

In the sixth book featuring Sebastian St. Cyr, the suspense revolves around the murder of Alexander Ross. The twist is that very few people know that Ross was, in fact, a murder victim. Also, the circumstances surrounding that discovery are best kept secret.

The year is 1812. The King, who has succumbed to madness for the last time, will never return to the throne. Men who stand behind the Prince Regent are maneuvering for prime positions. Napoleon has just invaded Russia, and diplomats from all over Europe are vying for information that will both further their careers and empower their leaders. Amidst this setting, St. Cyr’s friend and medical resource, Dr. Paul Gibson, unwittingly stumbles upon a mystery. When St. Cyr realizes the implications of the case, both personal and professional, he realizes there is no way for him to leave it alone.

A familiar cast of characters is soon drawn into the story, as St. Cyr uses all of his contacts to gather information. First, there is Hero Jarvis, his erstwhile lover and daughter of his nemesis, Lord Jarvis, one of the prime contenders for power should the Regent assume the throne. Others include Sir Henry Lovejoy, a Bow Street magistrate; St. Cyr’s father, the Earl of Hendon; his aunt, Henrietta, the Dowager Duchess of Claiborne; and even Kat Boleyn, the love of his life, but the one person with whom it is impossible for him to ever find happiness.

I love this series. It has it all: romance, political intrigue, dark humor, and memorable characters. I think new readers should start from the beginning, however, because I wouldn’t want them to miss a single line of what I consider to be a first quality series.