No Pity for the Dead: A Mystery of Old San Francisco

By Nancy Herriman - Published 2016



This novel is Victorian-era historical fiction set in San Francisco, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered No Pity for the Dead. ...Read Review

Murder at Fountainbleau

By Amanda Carmack - Published 2016



Murder at Fontainebleau is the fifth installment of Carmack’s Elizabethan Mysteries. The novel opens just after the death of Kate Haywood’s ...Read Review

Modern Girls

By Jennifer S. Brown - Published 2016


In 1935 on New York’s Lower East Side, two Jewish women, a mother and a daughter, both find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. How they ...Read Review

Radio Girls

By Sarah Jane Stratford - Published 2016


Maisie Musgrave, an unemployed Canadian-American living in 1920s London, lands a job at the up-and-coming British Broadcasting Corporation as secretary to the Talks ...Read Review

Children of Earth and Sky

By Guy Gavriel Kay - Published 2016


Historical Fantasy

This is a historical fantasy. Though of Kay’s own creation, the world is closely based upon Eastern Europe in the late 1400s, ...Read Review

The Dutch Girl

By Donna Thorland - Published 2016


A prim schoolmistress with a scandalous secret. A handsome highwayman fighting for romantic ideals. A dangerous spy mission with the fate of nations ...Read Review

Lost Among the Living

By Simone St. James - Published 2016



Simone St. James’s latest novel is by turns both moving and chilling. Set in post-World War I England, it focuses on Jo ...Read Review

The Conqueror’s Wife

By Stephanie Thornton - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

After witnessing his father’s murder at games celebrating a royal wedding, the handsome, god-like warrior Alexander of Macedon ascends the throne as ...Read Review

When Falcons Fall: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery

By C.S. Harris - Published 2016



St. Cyr, better known to his readers as Devlin, arrives with his family in a small Shropshire village in 1813, ostensibly on a quest ...Read Review

Stars over Sunset Boulevard

By Susan Meissner - Published 2016


Following the paths of two women, this story takes readers to 1930s Hollywood and the glamorous film set of Gone with the Wind. ...Read Review

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