When the Marquess Falls

Written by Lorraine Heath
Review by Ray Thompson

This novella is a prequel to The Viscount and the Vixen, providing a backstory to explain the madness of the hero’s father in the earlier romance. At the age of twelve George, Marquess of Marsden, falls in love with Linnie, the baker’s eight-year-old daughter, who treats him with kindness and understanding as he grieves over the death of his father. Despite the gulf between their social stations, their bond persists and he eventually marries the woman who has always been his best friend.

Although it offers a commentary on the injustices of social divisions during the Victorian era, the focus remains firmly upon the tender relationship between the two lovers, appropriately enough given the strength of their devotion to each other. This poignant love story between two attractive protagonists who are willing to make sacrifices for each other is highly recommended to all romantics.