Warrior’s Song

Written by Catherine Coulter
Review by Kelly Cannon

In this rewritten and re-titled version of Catherine Coulter’s 1983 book, Chandra, we meet Chandra de Avenell, a medieval heroine who is tougher and more outspoken than any other. She thinks like a man, talks like a man and fights like a man – almost. Enter Jerval de Vernon, Chandra’s equal and then some, and the man her father commands her to wed. Jerval demands Chandra’s obedience, but he wants her love as well. Love to Chandra is tantamount to surrender, however, and so she deals with her growing affection for her husband in the way a warrior deals with an adversary.

Ms. Coulter gives this familiar romantic theme a radical twist, sweeping the reader along on a heady adventure through England and over the sea as Jerval and Chandra accompany the future King Edward I on Crusade. Warrior’s Song is frequently inaccurate in its depiction of medieval English life. While Ms. Coulter admits to adjusting some dates to suit her purposes, her fun but outrageous portrayal of medieval-lady-as-warrior far exceeds authorial license.

Excellent escape reading; however, knowledge of medieval history might be an obstacle to enjoyment.