Written by Francine Rivers
Review by India Edghill

King David of Israel has it all: wealth, power, women, and the love of God.  But when he spies a beautiful woman bathing on her rooftop, David risks everything when he takes her as a lover.  For Bathsheba is a married woman, and when she becomes pregnant by David, not only her life but the very kingdom is threatened.  So David concocts a plan to fob the child off as Bathsheba’s husband’s — but Uriah is no simple dupe, and God’s plan for David and Bathsheba sets them on a difficult path to redemption.

The author does a competent job of retelling the biblical story of David and Bathsheba, and her portrayal of the doomed Uriah is both vivid and poignant.  But unlike Rahab (Unashamed) and Tamar (Unveiled), both of whom are strong, active heroines, Bathsheba appears as a rather passive victim.  This, combined with the fact that the David and Bathsheba story suffers from the novella-length format, makes Unspoken far less compelling than either Unashamed or Unveiled.  (Again, please note this book, like the others in the Lineage of Grace series, is written with an evangelical Christian point of view.)