Unraveled by the Rebel

Written by Michelle Willingham
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Juliette Andrews has a secret child born out of wedlock, the result of a rape by the Earl of Strathland. Paul Fraser, her childhood friend and physician, also has a secret: he is heir to his uncle’s viscountship. They meet again after several years’ separation, but the romance does not progress as Paul had hoped. Juliette believes she can never have more children after her bad childbirth experience, and she thinks that her soiled reputation means no man would want her. But whether Juliette will wed him or no, Paul vows revenge against Lord Strathland.

This is the second volume of the Regency-era Secrets in Silk series, in which Juliette and her sisters run a secret undergarment manufacturing business. The business is discussed at various times, but it doesn’t interfere much with the romance plot. Juliette’s past gives a believable reason to keep the lovers apart during the course of the story. While Lord Strathland is a bit of a cardboard villain, the central couple’s relationship is enjoyable. Willingham gives hints at the story lines to come for Juliette’s younger sisters in the subsequent volumes of the series.