Under the Same Sky

Written by Genevieve Graham
Review by Cynthia McArthur

Maggie and her sisters are left to fend for themselves in colonial South Carolina after their brutish father dies in a freak accident. Maggie sees the accident coming in her dreams, just as she sees most things before they happen, and just as she sees her Wolf, the boy she has always felt inside her soul and heard in her thoughts.

Andrew is a Scottish Highlander: proud, fierce, and loyal to the fugitive Prince Charles, who looks to claim the English throne. With his mind full of the beautiful girl he sees in his dreams, he and his father and brothers set off to fight the English in Prince Charles’ name.

After terrible tragedy strikes both Maggie and Andrew, leaving them both without family, they give each other strength and hope. Andrew decides to leave his ruined homeland and search for his soul mate. When Maggie is left broken, both physically and mentally, by a tragedy she knew would happen but couldn’t prevent, she is rescued by the Cherokee and begins to find a measure of fulfillment in her new life. But when Maggie suddenly finds herself thrown into a cold, dark cell on the charge of murdering an English officer, the only thought that can sustain her is knowing and feeling that Andrew is on his way to save her.

This book is well-written and has all the elements of a good read. The characters are strong and interesting, and the plot moves along just fast enough to make the reader want to turn to the next page. Under the Same Sky is Maggie and Andrew’s journey towards each other, and they learn along the way that family is what you make it. This was a fun and engrossing novel, and I look forward to reading the sequel.