Twilight Magic

Written by Shari Anton
Review by Mirella Patzer

In 12th century England, Lady Emma de Leon envisions the future whenever she stares into a body of water. In one such vision, she saw the man destined to become her lover: Darian of Bruges. Darian is a mercenary, an assassin for hire, a man of inadequate social standing who enjoys his life of freedom. Falsely accused of murder, he suddenly finds himself embroiled in a dangerous royal plot that will see him hang for his crime. Lady Emma comes to his rescue by providing an alibi. Darian is puzzled as to why such a noble lady would lie to save his neck. Then, by decree of the king, he and Lady Emma are forced to marry. As this medieval romance unfolds, bits of magic add interest as the hero and heroine seek to vindicate the injustice of the false accusation. This was a pleasant read, a nice story with which to relax.