Truth Dare Kill

Written by Gordon Ferris

Private investigator Danny McRae is damaged physically as well as emotionally after his service as an SOE agent operation with the French resistance during WWII. The war is over, and his civilian job as a private detective presents more questions than answers as to his fragile health and frightening memories. The year is 1946, and murders of young female prostitutes in London seem to correspond to Danny’s bad headaches and blackouts. Beautiful Kate Graveney arrives at his office with the news that the one SOE agent that can help him sort out his memories has been killed. Or has he? Inspector Wilson, known for his cruelty, is determined to pin the growing number of murders on Danny. His only solace becomes the mysterious Val, who seems to be the only one who believes in his innocence. Nothing is as it seems to be in this mystery that will keep you reading on to find out how all the characters play into the surprising conclusion.

Truth Dare Kill is an exploration into madness, murder and mystery. Ferris weaves a story rich in characters and human endurance.