Tristian and Iseult

Written by J.D. Smith
Review by Christoph Fischer

Tristan and Iseult by J D Smith is a passionate retelling of the famous legend. I must admit that I am not overly familiar with other versions of the story to draw a comparison. As it stands it is a very powerful and intense read, written with great urgency and masterful sense of suspense.

Told in alternating short chapters from either Tristan or Iseult’s viewpoint, we get to know both characters and the story from different sides. Iseult has accepted her fate and her impeding marriage to Morholt, while Tristan is loyally fighting for the freedom of his country.

Smith has created strong and charismatic characters and the setting feels authentic. I fell in love with Tristan and Iseult, each well drawn and passionate. They meet late into the book but then their chemistry is believable and perfectly timed for what is to come. The cover is also beautiful and very apt for the content. A great adaptation of a legend.