Treason’s River

Written by Edwin Thomas
Review by Ruth Nash


It is 1806, and Lieutenant Martin Jerrold R.N. desperately needs to avoid the consequences of his recent misdeeds. He accepts a risky commission to deliver a letter to an address in America. Jerrold really is an incorrigible scoundrel, but his total lack of illusion about his shortcomings is his saving grace.

The recipient of the letter is involved in an incredible plot against the interests of England, America and Spain. Jerrold’s mission, while posing as a sympathiser, is to undermine the conspiracy. He is led into a string of improbable and exciting adventures in which his behaviour is less than honourable. However, his genius for extricating himself from every predicament leaves him with his image triumphantly intact.

This novel moves at a cracking pace and is a really entertaining read.