Too Dangerous for a Lady

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Monica E. Spence

It is 1817. Lady Hermione Merryhew endures her bleak life with memories of a certain lieutenant’s almost-kiss at her coming-out ball, although he shipped out the next day and never reappeared. Now impoverished and widowed by the bounder she’d married, Hermione is traveling, in hopes of an advance on money, promised by her elderly great-uncle. When a stranger breaks into her room, she recognizes him as her lieutenant, despite his shabbiness.

Mark Louis Thayne leads a double life. He holds the title of Viscount Faringay, but his life’s work is spying for His Majesty George III and rooting out members of the Crimson Band, violent revolutionaries bent on destroying the English aristocracy and redistributing their wealth.

Hermione becomes deeply involved with the Band to save Mark, and now only he can protect her. Will they survive the violence of the Band? Will Hermione receive help from her uncle? Will love prevail?

In this 15th novel in her Company of Rogues series, and her 39th book, Jo Beverley’s characterization, plotting skill and research shines in a very entertaining story. And it is not every day a reviewer discovers an unknown ancestor (Utopian crusader Thomas Spence) in the midst of a romance novel.