To Seduce a Sinner

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Audrey Braver

Despite, or perhaps because of, being left at the altar twice, Jasper Renshaw, Lord Vale, jumped to accept Melisande Fleming’s proposal of marriage. Melisande, herself, had been jilted when a young girl, but her proposal was not prompted by empathy. She had been in love with Jasper for many years. Now she found the man she married was haunted by events that occurred almost ten years earlier when he was serving with the British army in Canada during the French and Indian War. His regiment had been ambushed and almost totally destroyed after their victory at Quebec. Jasper felt responsible, was certain that they’d been betrayed and made it his own private mission to find the traitor. Melisande is determined to help Jasper conquer his demons and win his love.

Ms. Hoyt’s characters are very well drawn. Their emotions and reactions are true to life; the reader will identify with them. The plot is a bit contrived, and the resolution is predictable. However, readers will find To Seduce a Sinner light, enjoyable reading.