To Follow Her Heart

Written by Rebecca DeMarino
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

In this final Southold Chronicles story, Jeremy Horton is shipwrecked in the summer of 1664, and all on Long Island believe he is dead. When Patience Terry learns he has survived, she is overjoyed, but Jeremy’s flimsy reasons for not wanting to hold their wedding become more and more frustrating.  Patience and the rest of the Long Island friends and family find it hard to understand Jeremy’s reluctance. Even though readers receive a peek into his psychological motivation, it does not seem very convincing.

This is a long, slow, very sweet Christian book, partly based on real people. Tensions between the Dutch and the English play a part in driving the plot.  The beginning and the end are far more riveting than the lengthy middle section, although fans of the Hortons will enjoy the three-dimensional descriptions of their food, faith, and fellowship. Patience and Jeremy finally find resolution in a hair-raising ending that brings them home to their English roots and will make readers hope the author has a follow-up in the pipeline. An epilogue concerning Mary and Barnabas Horton is emotionally very poignant: Bring tissues.