Time of Fog and Fire: A Molly Murphy Mystery

Written by Rhys Bowen
Review by Susan McDuffie

1906: Molly Murphy Sullivan reluctantly bids farewell to her husband, who has been recruited by the Secret Service for a mysterious mission. A few weeks later Molly receives an uncharacteristic letter from her husband. Convinced he wants her to meet him in San Francisco, Molly makes the arduous journey across the country with her toddler son. San Francisco buzzes with excitement over the eminent visit of Enrico Caruso, but Molly faces devastating news upon her arrival. A few days later the great earthquake shakes the foundations of the city itself. In the aftermath the lives of Molly and her loved ones are put horribly at risk.

I devoured this flawlessly written mystery in one day, and enjoyed every word. The story moves along at a rapid clip, and Molly’s resourceful struggles keep the reader entertained. Some happy coincidences after the earthquake help Molly out. The book is a wonderful read, full of interesting details that give life to the story. I’m looking forward to catching up with Molly’s earlier adventures, and wholeheartedly recommend this one to all lovers of historical mysteries.