Tiffany Blues

Written by M.J. Rose
Review by Nicole Evelina

M.J. Rose’s luscious new book, Tiffany Blues, follows artists Jenny Bell and Minx Deering as they take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime – studying at Louis Comfort Tiffany’s artist colony for the summer of 1924. But even amid the breathtaking beauty and creative inspiration, Jenny’s past still haunts her, and she lives in fear that Mr. Tiffany or one of her fellow residents will find out her shameful secret. As her time at the colony draws to close, so does her ability to run from that day she would rather forget.

M.J. Rose has built a reputation as a writer of strong female characters, page-turning suspense and evocative settings, and this novel does not disappoint. In fact, I was sad when it was over because I wanted to live in the world she created, the serene artist’s retreat that dazzles the senses through Rose’s skillful description. The mystery at the heart of the story, while playing on a familiar trope, kept me up at night, though I did feel like the resolution was a bit rushed. But her characters make up for any minor flaw in pacing, drawing you in and making you really care about them. Jenny and Minx are both multi-faceted, complex women, Edward gave me chills, Mr. Tiffany was a kind grandfather figure, and I was so in love with Oliver that the inevitable conclusion was heart-rending. Rose outdoes herself with each book she produces and this one is destined to be a reader favorite. Very highly recommended.