Three Weeks with Lady X

Written by Eloisa James
Review by Monica E. Spence

1799. Lady Xenobia India St. Clair, a marquess’s daughter, is in constant demand by members of the ton looking for guidance on matters of taste, and assistance on all matters from matchmaking to the latest fashions. Her latest challenge: turn Thorn Dautry, former mudlark, bastard son of a duke and self-made man, into a sophisticated, elegant gentleman worthy of marrying a lady – in three weeks! Sparks fly between the well-bred India and the diamond-in-the-rough, Thorn, in some of the funniest dialog in historical romance. Neither of them sees passion creeping up until it explodes between them. But the course of love never runs smooth: each has ghosts to eliminate, memories to face, expectations to evaluate before either is worthy of the other’s heart.

James has written a complex, very funny and touching story of love, loss and vindication. Her characters have personality and depth, her plotting is complex and keeps the reader turning pages well after she should be on to more mundane tasks like laundry or editing her own next novel. I can’t recall when I have enjoyed a romance as much as Three Weeks with Lady X. I recommend it.