The Wedding Escape

Written by Karyn Monk
Review by Nan Curnutt

It is late summer, 1883, and Jack Kent is waiting for the wedding he is attending to begin. When boredom overtakes him, he decides to step outside for fresh air. There he is surprised to find the bride-to-be, American heiress Amelia Belford, escaping from the balcony and into the nearest carriage. That carriage happens to be his. Jack finds that he is unable to resist the temptation to help this intriguing young woman make her escape. Amelia is surprised by Jack, who seems to be a gentleman, but turns out to be no gentleman at all.

This sequel to Ms. Monk’s The Prisoner is peopled with interesting and unusual characters, most comprising Jack’s adopted family. Though set in the Victorian time period, Jack’s family and the heiress Amelia have modern feelings and actions that would be out of place in their time. The author, well aware of her period setting, portrays them as oddities to their contemporaries. The plot of this story is mildly interesting but the characters make the book come alive. Although this book is the second in a series, it can stand alone.