The War Queens: Extraordinary Women Who Ruled the Battlefield

Written by Emily Anne Jordan Jonathan W. Jordan
Review by Nicole Evelina

Travel through time and across the world to meet 13 strong warrior queens who weren’t afraid to take names and kick butt in this powerful non-fiction book. From familiar names like Boudicca and Cleopatra to the lesser-known Countess Caterina Sforza of Milan and Queen Njinga of Ndongo-Matamba in Africa, The War Queens profiles a wide range of women who were willing to do whatever they had to in order to defend their people and their countries.

As it’s written in an engaging style, one can easily forget this book is non-fiction while reading these women’s stories. One of the most refreshing things is it goes beyond the typical history book characters, like Queen Elizabeth I, to introduce the reader to women outside of Europe whose stories they have likely never learned. Well-researched, The War Queens tracks their famous battles in cinematic detail. It provides just enough of an overview of each woman’s life and career to whet the appetite, but not so much that it bogs down the reading experience. It is a must-read for all lovers of women’s history and could easily spark ideas for future historical novels.