The Viscount Needs a Wife

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Monica E. Spence

The late, great Jo Beverley has another hit with The Viscount Needs a Wife. Her well-researched plot and expert characterization draw you into the story. It is 1817. Kathryn (Kitty) Cateril mourned her soldier husband for two years and is now ready to move on in life. Unfortunately, her frosty mother-in-law is making her life hell every time Kitty mentions rejoining the living. When a friend mentions a new viscount is in search of a wife, Kitty automatically says yes. Anything is better than entombment in a drafty manor in Gloucestershire.

Beau Braydon, now Viscount Dauntry, is looking for a marriage of convenience, someone to care for his inherited manse. Dauntry is as uncomfortable with his new title as he is with the admiration of his bride by his late predecessor’s friends. Could he be jealous? He would much rather be working in the field like the spy that he is. Kitty has a few secrets of her own, about her marriage and her curiosity concerning her new husband. When the royal family is threatened, Dauntry and Kitty travel to London to serve and protect the Crown. But what of those secrets?