The Truth About Leo

Written by Katie MacAlister
Review by Monica E. Spence

Bestselling novelist Katie MacAlister returns to her romance roots with her hilarious new Regency novel, and it was worth the wait. Irreverent and impoverished, Danish Princess Dagmar Marie Sofie is facing a fate worse than death at the hands of her penny-pinching Crown Prince-cousin: life in a convent if she does not find herself a new place to live. To make her day complete, she rescues an unknown man dying in her garden. A note in his boot hints he is English. She immediately formulates a plan to set sail for England, her mother’s native land, and leave him in the care of… well, someone. But if she cannot feed and house herself, how can she care for this stranger, much less book his passage?

Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh Earl of March and sometime spy, wakes up after being left for dead, only to discover he is alive (a good thing), headed for England (a not-so-good thing) and married to Dagmar while he was comatose (come again?). Will Leo discover why he was stabbed? Will he find marital happiness with Dagmar? Will Dagmar end up as the proper Danish princess of her mother’s dreams? Will either of them be able to explain why they are rummaging through a coffin of a recently deceased acquaintance? The answers and the laughs are all in The Truth About Leo. Recommended.