The Truth About Dukes (Rogues to Riches, 5)

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Ray Thompson

Robert, Duke of Rothhaven, is in a fragile state. No surprise, really, considering his horrific ‘treatment’ as a child in a hospital for the insane. Not that he was insane; rather he suffered from epilepsy, the falling sickness as it was known, but society was harsh in its judgements. Constance Wentworth too has a difficult past that she tries to keep hidden, but now that her sister is marrying his brother, can this deeply wounded pair help each other to heal and find happiness?

Like earlier books in the Rogues to Riches series, this Regency explores the injustices of an intolerant society, attitudes shaped not only by ignorance and prejudice, but by the greed and self-interest of those hoping to benefit from the misfortune of others. The insights into the psychological state of the victims and those who care for them are, moreover, persuasive.

As is often the case for books in a series, there is a considerable backstory to be filled in, but Burrowes is equal to the challenge, disclosing information while building suspense. And the progress of romance is as heart-warming as is the frustration of the villains. Highly recommended.