The Third Section

Written by Jasper Kent
Review by Ann Oughton

It is 1855, and after 40 years of peace in Europe, war rages in the Crimea. Sevastopol is in ruins as Dimitry Alekseevich Danilov faces not only the guns of the French and British but a much more sinister enemy: one which his father had believed to be buried beneath the earth 30 years previously.

Tamara Valentinovna Komarova, agent of the tsar, was brought up by the Lavrovs, but she knew they were not her natural parents. She secures employment in Moscow, working for The Third Section; her cover a brothel keeper. With access to documents in the Kremlin, she felt certain that she would discover her true parentage.

Continuously surrounded by danger, Tamara treads a fine line, surrounded by vampires, unable to distinguish friend from foe, horror follows upon horror, and she discovers more than she could ever have imagined.

Jasper Kent spins a fine yarn that seamlessly combines historical fact with fantasy in the most credible manner. I haven’t read the previous two volumes in this Danilov quintet but it definitely works as a standalone novel.