The Templar Prophecy

Written by Mario Reading
Review by Mike Ashworth

1190. Johannes Van Hartelius, a Bavarian knight, attempts to rescue the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, from drowning in Cicilia. Unsuccessful he does manage to save the Holy Lance – for which action he and his descendants are rewarded with the Guardianship of the Holy Lance. The story then moves on to 1945 and Berlin, where Hitler commands that the Lance be taken to safety. On to the present day and British photojournalist, John Hart, finds his father crucified. This act propels him into the world of the Holy Lance when he discovers that he is a direct descendant of Van Hartelius. Hart uncovers the existence of a German occult group called the Brotherhood of the Lance. In order to investigate his father’s murder he must infiltrate the group.

This is a thriller in the Dan Brown genre. The chapters are short, each ending with a hook to encourage the reader to read a little more. Like similar novels, historical accuracy take a back seat to plot development, but this should not detract from an easy to read, plot-driven novel. Ideal for a long flight, or the beach.