The Study of Seduction

Written by Sabrina Jeffries
Review by Ray Thompson

Book two of the Sinful Suitors Regency series deals with the romance between Lady Clarissa Lindsey and Edwin, Earl of Blakeborough. They seem an unlikely pair. She is lively, quick-witted, and flirtatious, a beauty who is the ‘darling of society’; he a ‘gruff curmudgeon’. She, moreover, insists she does not want to marry. But when his best friend begs him to keep an eye on her during his absence and they get to know each other better, mutual attraction blossoms into love. The burgeoning romance is handled entertainingly, but darker notes soon intrude. She is being stalked by a sinister French count, who is protected by his diplomatic status, but what motivates his determined pursuit of a woman who rejects him so emphatically? As blackmail, revenge, rape, and its painful emotional aftermath are added to the mix, this develops into a taut thriller that will resonate for many readers. Strongly recommended.